As the mother of a four-year old, very very strong-willed child, Sarah Jane was frustrated with the carefully curated photographs of her blogging peers on Instagram.

Formerly the voice behind the etiquette and manners-focused blog, Clean & Proper, Sarah Jane shut it down in 2017 to launch Mommy Has Struggles—a site focused on real life, real stories, and the real struggles behind the beauty of being a parent and raising tiny humans.

When Sarah Jane isn’t sharing (aka crying) about the struggles, she is busy hustling as Creative Director and founder of the advertising and design firm, SJ+CO.

In her spare time, Sarah Jane loves running half-marathons, contemplating why she runs, and cooking overly-healthy raw-based meals for her family. She is currently working on her second play, and her first book—a collection of humorist stories on interfaith marriage.

She lives in the Washington, DC area with her husband, whom she often refers to anonymously on the blog as The Beau, and their 4-year old daughter.