How Do You Know When To Tell Work You're Pregnant?


A common question among women is how long to wait before announcing to the office that you're expecting. I generally consider myself a fairly open person, obviously [if you've been following my blog for awhile!], but it hasn't always been by choice.

Many expectant mothers wait to tell employers once they begin to show, perhaps as late as 16-20 weeks. Others tell employers once they've received the all-clear from their doctors, perhaps around 10-12 weeks.

I always think back fondly to when I found out I was pregnant with our daughter. I had flown to Istanbul with my mother to visit my sister who was living in Turkey for the year. In full disclosure, I love plane food, I really do. I love how cutely it's compartmentalized -- everything just so. It's the best!

But sitting on that 12 hour flight, with my mother no less, I felt nauseous. I could smell our dinner meal even before it left the kitchen area of the plane -- and it smelled like dried up hospital food.

I would like to point out that we flew Turkish Air. Should you ever get the opportunity, Turkish Air has a delicious meal service -- unless you're four weeks pregnant.

It was in Istanbul that I discovered I was pregnant. Something about the amount of Turkish coffee I was inhaling lead me to feel a bit weary, as if I was consuming too much caffeine and my body knew it.

Nevertheless, I returned home a week later with a surprise for The Beau -- that our first child was on the way. We spent the next couple of days brainstorming what this meant for our family, for my career, and for our future.

Even before my daughter was born, I knew her. She's always had a way of subtly torturing me -- and not because she's some terrible possessed kid, but because she's a force of independence and knows what she wants. In this case, she wanted me to know she was here to stay, and through every step of my pregnancy -- that was was on her way!

And thus, my office found out I was pregnant with Mae at 6 weeks -- not because of the joy I wanted to share, but because I was so terribly sick that my boss approached me out of deep concern. Perhaps he figured I had gone on a drinking bender and was severely hungover every day. Perhaps he felt I was being aloof and getting ready to quit. Or perhaps it's because he knew something was wrong, and it was better to ask.

Most people are shocked when I tell them my office knew I was pregnant so early. But when you look like death and are regularly handed mints by co-workers after leaving the bathroom [aka morning sickness], sometimes it's better to have a team on your side.