Why I Talk About My Kid on Social Media

As a parent in the 21st century it’s impossible to avoid the conundrum of whether to share details of our children on social media.

I’m also a parenting blogger, so I obviously share even more about my child than the average person. Then again, maybe I don’t.

It somewhat helps that the husband does not really use social media, which means he misses half of what I post. When I was pregnant with our daughter we did talk about what we would share and not share. For the most part, we’ve stuck to our rules.

Perhaps the biggest justification for why I do share photos of my daughter is that it allows me to know when someone else is posting a photo of my daughter on social media.

I’ve definitely seen examples of friends posting photos of our children. But, what about that parent who isn’t on social media? 

Guess what—they’re not tagged in the post and therefore have no idea there’s a photo of their child on Facebook or Instagram.

Taking a proactive approach allows me to control the situation, along with know what is being said when and where.

But, I’m still a parent with the same worries as anyone else.

I don’t check into locations until I’ve already left the location. I research all hashtags I use ahead of time and actively monitor others posting about a location, hashtag, or event that I have shared. And, I don’t tag her school or post photos where she attends school or in clothing that reveals where she goes to school—the one exception being my private Facebook account as my Instagram is public since it’s actually a blog-related Instagram account and not a personal Instagram.

I actively look to see who has access to each level of privacy of my individual social media accounts. I also regularly review my followers and contacts on social media.

Social media is a completely personal decision, but I’ve also realized I cannot control everything so I try to maintain some flexibility, have a little fun, and keep an openminded approach to what I share when and how.

I don’t freak out if another parent tags my child or me in a post. I appreciate when a restaurant or store asks to take a photo of my daughter first, but I also don’t panic or freak out if they don’t. That being said, I make note that they did take a photo so I can check it out later.

Back when I started my blog I was so worried about what others would think—in terms of what I share about my child online.

Don’t get me wrong—I’ve heard all of the critiques and comments about what I share, and usually from individuals I know personally that are not aware they’ve been given a different level of access to my social media profiles versus the average stranger.

I do know of friends and colleagues who have resisted sharing details or have posted public announcements about how they will not be sharing photos or the name of their unborn child. For a split second, it inevitably leads me to question what I share.

But, then the child is born and those friends maintain their rule for all of 2 days. Their child’s name becomes a hashtag and photos are regularly shared across their social media accounts weekly, if not daily.

I’ve heard all of the criticisms of social media—believe me, it’s part of what I do professionally for clients—but, I also think it’s ok to have some fun. If you choose to use social media as many of us do, enjoy sharing photos of your family and connecting with those you love. Just be sure to read the fine print and know who has access to view and interact with each of your social media accounts.